Gifts of Valuables: Converting Goods Into Social Good

You can transform your no-longer needed valuables, including works of art, into ongoing help for a cause that matters to you.

Valuables you can consider donating for community good works

  • Artwork
  • Silver
  • Historic Documents
  • Jewelry
  • First Edition Book Sets
  • Collectibles
  • China

Minimum appraised value for goods: $25,000

No livestock or vehicles accepted.

Transforming This Into This

A woman looking at art pieces.
Works of Art

A teacher helping a student with a painting.
Art Lessons

Antique Jewelry

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Homeless Services


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Next Steps For You

  • Contact us when you are thinking of sharing your asset. All gifts must be approved prior to acceptance. The Philadelphia Foundation’s Board of Managers reserves the right to refuse any gift that does not meet its guidelines.
  • Get an independent appraisal.
  • Decide what cause you’d like to support through the establishment of a fund. If you are unsure, you can support one of our Community Impact Funds or support the ongoing work of our Foundation.

What We Will Do

  • Sell your asset at auction and use the proceeds for charitable purposes.
  • Provide you with a tax receipt for the appraised value of your item according to current IRS guidelines.
  • Establish the appropriate charitable vehicle to accomplish the good you wish to see.
  • Credit you or if you prefer, keep your name anonymous.
  • Invest the money so it grows and keeps doing good works long into the future.

Donations That Made A Difference

Optical Art Becomes Art Openings

Optical ArtEdna Andrade knew how important exhibits were to artists, since she herself was a prolific one. The bold prints and geometrical optical art she created now are allowing museums and galleries to display the works of other artists on an ongoing basis.

A fund to benefit visual fine artists was created at The Philadelphia Foundation through the sale of Edna’s intricate, spellbinding works, some of which became part of the collection of major museums.

Edna AndradeThe fund has supported shows at The Print Center, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Woodmere Art Museum, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Edna had not just an artistic vision, but a philanthropic one.

From Diamonds to Sparkling Summers

JewelryMignonette Violett Whelan’s jewelry has been turned into campfires and footprints in the sand.

Mignonette was among the “Four Hundred” that comprised the epitome of Gilded Age society in New York and a prime mover in establishing the Metropolitan Opera Company.

CampersIn 1906, she published a story that told of the country, “where you can hear the birds sing all day and, best of all, see the blue sky, not through a little window, but spread out wide above.”

It’s not surprising, then, that sending children “to the seashore or the country” what she chose as her legacy with a fund she established at The Philadelphia Foundation.

Among the assets used to create that fund were the glittering necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings she had once worn to the opera.

More than 100 years after her death, children continue to experience nature, thanks to her generosity – and her gems.

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