Investment Management: Growth for Good

The Philadelphia Foundation’s goal is to serve as a good financial steward by providing a competitive rate of return on all funds.

Our strategy considers the amount of time each fund will be invested in order to support each fund-holder’s goal for making distributions.

We build philanthropic dollars so our community can be made better.

The Philadelphia Foundation meets the nation's highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity and accountability according to the Community Foundations National Standards Board, a national accreditation organization based in Arlington, Va.

Advantages of Our Investment Approach

Long-Term Emphasis: The focus is on steady growth that minimizes risk to build perpetual resources, rather than attempting to change strategy based on short-term market conditions.

Economies of Scale: Funds are co-mingled for investment purposes to leverage efficiencies. This allows modest-sized funds access to sophisticated investment vehicles that might not otherwise be possible.

Broad Diversification: Our mix of asset classes is frequently reviewed. This diversification increases the likelihood of meeting or exceeding the fund’s desired return over varying economic and market cycles.

Customized Accounting: Each fund is tracked individually. Fund statements are mailed quarterly to authorized fund representatives with detail of the fund’s activities.

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